First Caprabianca trip to Alps

caprabianca snowboard gruppo

Early November. The first cold days of the year began to peep and we all were euphoric for the new winter season.

The first six Goats were ready, sense it by own hands was really emotional, seeing our dream that we have been cherished for so long finally came true.

The stylish graphics and promising wood quality was here, in our hands. After the first half hour of bending, twisting and admiration we realized that there is no better place that a slope where all this can be really appreciated, that was a thing, glanced at each other and ran to take a look at the weather forcast.

Smartphone in hand, we immediately made a round of calls to the bunch of people whom we expect to share this experience with.

And here our wonderful adventure began.


caprabianca snowboard arrivo


10 pm

Moving off the van containing 6 riders, 6 boards, 6 bindings, 6 pairs of boots, 6 bags and a few beers.

6:50 am

Arriving in Cervinia, after few stops and 660 km of driving.

7.30 am

After breakfast at the hotel, we prepare the Goats and run to get our ski passes.

8.30 am

On the chairlift that leads you to the root of Matterhorn our hearts were ready to explode, taking off and our lungs started being filled with unmistakable high mountains air, that sharp cold that makes you realize that its getting serious out there.

Boots are binded and locked up tight, mask is set, everything is done, now straightaway down to still fresh track.

caprabianca snowboard

That feeling of riding an Italian handcrafted board is awesome. Undoubtedly, that was a fantastic day: sun, fresh snow and some jump here and there (due to strong wind was not possible to reach the Zermatt park).

The Goat’s stability on the track is frightening as well as it’s pop, the hard carving is really cool thanks to the antivibration rubber inserted in Goat, that does it’s job quit well on the hard snow. On powder rocker does its job, by floating the board even after landing from a cliff, to see that wood tip out is fantastic

At 3 pm we were exhausted, because the tiring trip, lack of the rest and some extra beers too, but it was impossible to wipe that euphoria off our faces easily recognizable by a smile and the sparkles in our eyes.

After a nice heavy dinner, topped with the first considerations on Goats, we got little deserved rest.

The next day Cervinia welcomed us with a light snow and fog, but we have not given up, too much easy to ride down while its sunny, isn’t it ?! After a couple of hours descending we decided to pull up some tricks, a pipe was there on the side, we have just fixed it in a better way and began with jibbing.

2 pm

Dead tired, we decided to get shower, disassemble The Goats and got back to the base.

A 9 hour journey accompanied by chatting, additional thoughts and an incredible desire to enjoy the snow taking the Goats out in the mountains again.

Our Christmas wish is full of snow season for some of you to have a chance to experience the vibes that the Goats give.

See you at the top. Yo!

caprabianca snowboard