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A rally board: groves, powder, trick and any other ground.
This board will put a smile on your face as soon as you ride it. Light, reactive and a great buoyancy.





Vagante Caprabianca
  • 100% Italian wood poplar and beech
  • Lightning: sintered isospeed 7500 Base
  • Rubberized edge: antivibration guaranteed
  • High resistance: 49HRC foils with 2x22mm section
  • Reinforced with fiberglass triaxial structure


Directional shape board with a rocker nose that will keep you out of the dusty snow, a central microcamber and lastly, a short and raised tail to let you mess with it even in switch.
Its ideal grounds are groves and fresh snow but it will stop at nothing. Vagante (wandering), in fact.


“Fish” style directional shape, micro camber with rocker on the nose, ISO speed 7500 bottom, backup triaxial fibre, 2×2,2 foil, anti-vibration rubber, propel and beech sandwich building, 100% Made in Italy.


Size 151
Effective Edge 1143
Nose Width 330.8
Tail Width (Italiano) 310,4
Center Width (Italiano) 276,5
Sidecut Radius (mt) 6.2
Stance Width (Italiano) 43 - 63
Stance rider Indicative (Kg) (Italiano) 50 - 90


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